Dave Jodka loved to rock. From the moment he attended his first concert in 1982 (Sheena Easton), his life was forever changed. He got a job at Tape World (which then became Record Town) and rose to the respected position of Senior Sales Associate. In the years to come, Dave played guitar, bass and drums and, of course, sang. His rock career at Newton North High School was inspired by bands and performers like Billy Squier. In between psychology classes at Skidmore College, Dave kept rocking with West Lot and Puzzle Head and played all over. He even had a brief stint in the legendary a cappella group The Bandersnatchers, wowing the crowd with his solo "Under the Boardwalk." After college, Dave met Marty Lyman, formed Fat Boy, spent hours writing and perfecting original hits, and released what most in the business consider the best album of all time: Slippery When Fat. Dave began his career in finance around this time, and it didn't get in the way of his music. Dave shared his love of music whenever possible, introducing colleagues to great music both figuratively and literally; when Dave took his team out for a celebration and spotted Ratt's Stephen Pearcy alone at the bar, he had to get a picture and tell everyone who this metal legend was. On one great day, Dave serenaded a certain groupie with Stevie Wonder's "Sunshine of My Life" and the rest is history. Most recently, Dave spent time playing guitar around the campfire, rocking karaoke at Jamie's in Scituate and having weekend morning dance parties with his kids.