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Toast rocks out at Mad Love Music Festival 2018. (Courtesy  Christina Ward Photography )

Toast rocks out at Mad Love Music Festival 2018. (Courtesy Christina Ward Photography)

Brandishing an immediately identifiable band sound usually achieved by a group playing together for years, Toast may be the most cohesive, exciting high-school rock band the South Shore has seen.

Toast is a five piece rock band formed and supported by the Dave Jodka Scholarship for Future Rockers. Coming from all corners of the South Shore, the band convenes at South Shore Conservatory weekly for rehearsals and coaching with guitar / bass / composition / and ensemble coach Erik Caldarone. There, Toast hones their skills as musicians and band members in the context of challenging, genre-spanning covers and original music selected by both the coach and individual members.

After just months of exploring their collective musical identities and building strong, lasting friendships, Toast found a unified vision and sound that begs the boundaries of rock. They expertly create delicate tapestries of interwoven guitar parts and vocal harmonies only to fearlessly careen into a moment filled with cinematic raw energy and chest-filling volume.

You can listen to Toast’s music on Bandcamp, and keep up with them on Facebook and Instagram.

Toast 2018 - 2019 members:
Rose Cataudella, Marshfield - Bass
Jack Holland, Plymouth - Guitar
Darcy Milligan, Scituate - Guitar / Vocals
CiCi Monarch, Hingham - Keyboard / Vocals
Larkin Tanner, Hull - Drums

Toast Alumni:
Elizabeth Croteau, Hingham - Piano / Vocals (2016-2017)
Suzie O’Neill, Duxbury - Drums / Vocals (2016-2018)
Sophie Paven, Hingham - Keyboard / Vocals (2017 - 2018)